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Hello Gorgeous Genius!

If you’re new to The Creative Entrepreneur, here’s a love letter we wrote just for you:

Dear ____________________________,

  1. There is only one you, with a magical and utterly unique combination of talents, experiences, and passions (we call these your Free Gifts) that are the spark behind the nagging desire to do something meaningful, something….creative…even if you don’t know what it is exactly.
  2. You can access and express your Free Gifts by learning how to keep your creative channel open, and becoming skilled at warding off the fearful dragons that guard unfamiliar territory known as: making something new and going toward what you want the most. All makers of Great Work pass must through this territory. Warrior skills can be practiced and learned.
  3. By tuning in to your just-right clients and generously helping them have what they want, you can turn your Free Gifts into a profitable and sustainable business.
  4. The business stuff (for creatives) should be as radically minimalist as possible, so that it doesn’t act as yet another dragon force that interferes with creative focus and productivity. 80/20 rules and trim tabs rock our universe.
  5. The superpower we harness is Love. People who want to make something with their Free Gifts have Love in spades. When we tap this superpower that motivates our desire to express and share our gifts, we find that Love makes it ridiculously easy to do good business. Bonus: this approach takes the fear out of marketing, pricing, sales and all that other stuff that intimidates creatives so much.

Put these things together…and that’s what we call Doing Great Work, with less blood, sweat and tears on the hustle. 

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  1. Laura

    Thank you very much for this inspiring, motivational and so true love letter. It was definitely intended for me! Thank you again and God Bless you creatives also!
    Laura A. Hulen

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